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JCSP Awards - 3rd Year

Congratulations to all 3rd Year students who received JCSP awards last week. (List of students who received awards below)

3 Derg

Class Student - Raja Khan

Best Attendance - Raja Khan, Pascal Emera, Ion Marandici

Most Helpful - Dylan Domican

Consistently Good Worker - Ion Marandici

Most Enthusiastic - Patrick Bautista

Contribution to Music - Patrick Bautista

Technology - Ivan Marinov

Rowing - Tristan Orlic

Rugby - Nathan Johnson

Soccer - Harrison McGrane

3 Tara

Class Student - Lee Moynihan

Most Helpful - Sean Braddell

Consistently Good Worker - Michal Dyjak

Most Enthusiastic - Brian Monoranu

Best Attendance - Brian Monoranu

Soccer - Lee Moynihan

Student Council - Sebastien Marinel

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