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Bored of Being Bored?

Bored of being bored? Sick of flicking through your phone? Are you tired of your parents saying "stop spending so much time on your X Box!"

Maybe it's time to take up a hobby. Did you know there are loads of activities you can get involved in at our school? If you're into sports, there's soccer, gaelic, basketball and rugby.

If sports isn't your thing, you might be interested in learning how to cook or play the guitar. Or maybe you want to learn how to use computers better. Or if you fancy being a reporter or camera man, maybe the Newsroom is for you.

Check out this video of just some of the extra curricular activities going on in our school. I'm sure there's something that you might like to get involved in. The good news, all of our clubs are always looking for new members and are FREE!

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