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Election Day Tomorrow - What you need to know!

As you know, our school is having our own Presidential Election tomorrow. Every student and staff member will vote for who they think should be the next President of Ireland. Here's how it will work:

Polling Card

Each student will be given a polling card by their form teach in tutorial time on Thursday.

The polling card has your name and class details on it.

When you are called to vote, you must bring the polling card with you.

What Time Will I Vote?

Voting will happen one class at a time. (There is an estimated time on your polling class but this may change)

Students from TY will collect your class and bring you to the library to vote.

You must follow the TY students instructions.

How Do I Vote?

When you hand in your polling card to the students in the library, they will give you a ballot paper (pic below). You will vote on the ballot paper.

Newsroom has a produced a really good video showing you how to vote on the ballot paper. you can watch it here.

What Happens After I Vote?

Once everybody in your class has voted, your teacher will bring you back to class.

Images - Click on the images for more information.

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