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"Behind the Mic: A Hilarious Interview with Ms. Sweeney on the Keane and Curtis Podcast Show"

In the latest Keane and Curtis Podcast, Ms. Sweeney joined as their first-ever female guest, perfectly timed for International Women's Day. This episode is an absolute riot from start to finish, packed with funny stories and good vibes.

Breaking Barriers and Sharing Laughs

Ms. Sweeney spilled the beans on things like high heels , being a middle child and her time at St. Vincent's, making everyone laugh along the way. She also revealed just why she took her sweet time to hop on the show, making for some hilarious storytelling.

Musical Fun

Ms. Sweeney was joined by her student, Rayan, and Mr. Lyons in the studio. As the only guest to pick a closing song, the excitement builds as we eagerly wait to hear Ms. Sweeney's choice, adding a fun musical twist to the show.

Get Ready to Smile

This episode is bound to make you grin from ear to ear. Listen to the latest episode on Spotify and enjoy the banter with other cool guests like Mr. Walsh, Mr. Whyte, and Mr. Knight. Don't miss out on the celebration of International Women's Day and all the fun discussions!


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