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"Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of News Production at Sky Ireland"

Recently, 25 second-year students from our school had an amazing opportunity to spend a day at Sky Ireland. Can you guess what they did there? They got to learn all about how a news broadcast is made! From behind the scenes, they got to see all the cool jobs and roles that come together to create a news show.

After a day of learning and fun, these students worked hard to put together their very own 2-minute news broadcast. How awesome is that? It was definitely a day filled with lots of excitement.

One of the coolest things about this experience was that it showed the students just how many different jobs there are in the media industry. It opened their eyes to the variety of careers and professions out there. Some of them even started thinking about future careers in the media industry. How inspiring!

Now, you can watch the final news production created, produced, and directed by our talented students from St. Vincent's. Check it out below and see their incredible work!

It's days like these that remind us of all the exciting things the future holds. Who knows, some of these students might become the next big stars in the media industry!

Keep exploring, keep dreaming, and who knows, maybe you'll be creating amazing news broadcasts too one day!


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