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Diverse Cultures Shine Bright on Culture Day

Last Tuesday, our school had an awesome Culture Day as part of Culture Week! Students had a chance to share their different cultures by bringing yummy foods, cool instruments, songs, and special clothes from their countries. Everyone, including teachers and students, was super excited to try out all the delicious foods available for tasting.

Our school has students from more than 25 countries, so Culture Day was a fantastic opportunity to learn about how people live in different parts of the world. It was fun to see the variety of traditions and togetherness that was shared by everyone.

If you want to see the best moments from Culture Day, check out the awesome video made by Tynan Lawson from the Newsroom. It was a day filled with food, fun, and friendship, showing us how unique and wonderful our diverse community is. Let's keep celebrating and embracing the beauty of different cultures in our school!

 Culture Day Photos


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