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On Friday 7th February, all students will have a chance to vote for who they think should be in the next Irish Government. The real election will take place on Saturday 8th, but as most of our students are too young to vote, we are giving you a chance to vote in our school General Election 2020.

Newsroom's, Josh Kinlan has this report. Take a look.

Before You Vote

Know The Issues

Do you know the main issues facing Ireland today? Take a look at this short video on some of the main issues facing our country today.

What the Political Parties say they will do?

Each party produces its plan for Ireland. They call it a manifesto. You can find each main parties manifesto by clicking here.

Which Party Matches Your Values Best?

Not all parties are the same. They have different beliefs and values. Find out which party represents your values best by taking our political quiz.


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