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"Empowering the Future: Celebrating Student Leadership at Our School"

Last week, our school held their Student Leadership Awards ceremony to celebrate students' achievements both in and out of school. Teachers voted to recognize outstanding students from different year groups, encouraging them to represent the school with pride. Winners were applauded and invited to receive their awards in the library.

  • 1st Year Awards: Matei Blidar, Muhammad Ayornu, Matias Belcuig

  • 2nd Year Awards: Alex Orlenko, Adam Perez, Ethan Larkin

  • 3rd Year Awards: Joshua Labiche, Dennies Kurian, Kevin Hurry

  • 5th Year LCA Awards: Sean Mulligan, Jiege Sajor, Szymon Witkowski

  • Sports Awards: Kentton Salinger, Gary Tspon, Hayden Kenny, Brody Kellegher, Dean Ball, Muhammad Ayornu, Jonathan Donnelly, Charlie Abragan

  • Arts & Performance Awards: William Fallon, Mihnea Arama, Kieran Herradura, Jiege Sajor

  • Personal Achievement Awards 2024: Tynan Lawson, Tadhg Casey, Sam Moynihan, Conor Kenny, Hayden Kenny, Larry Olorungbohunmi, J.J. Donnelly, Morching Sweeney

  • Glasnevin Trust Community Award: William Fallon

  • ERST, Spirit of St. Vincent’s: Craig Moore Memorial Award: Luke Casey

Congratulations to all the winners for their hard work and dedication! Keep up the fantastic efforts, and remember that your school community is proud of you.



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