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French Students Visit St Vincent's

French and TY students in our library.

Last week, TY students were paid a visit by a group of students from France. Both groups spent the morning chatting and learning more about each other's cultures. The French students come from Rennes, the capital city of Brittany in Northwest France. The two schools are part of the Leargas twinning programme. Here's what some of our student said about the event.

“I think the visit went well. Everyone got along. There was just a small barrier with the language but it was good we got to learn about what it’s like for school for them and what their life was like.” - Scott Darcy

The French visit was pretty good. It was nice interacting with all of the other students and getting to try the treats from their culture and later went to the botanic gardens for a walk. I didn’t enjoy the language barrier because it was harder to communicate with one another and I disliked the crisp sandwich we gave them.” - Adam Jibowu

“It was really interesting meeting people of our age who don’t speak our language. I found out things that I would like to change here (like a lack of uniform) and things I wouldn’t change. Things did get a bit awkward at times because of the language barrier. The food that we and they brought for us to exchange wasn’t great. I would love to talk with them again (there maybe?)” - Jiege Sajor

“The French students' visit went great. I enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. It was fun trying to communicate with them in both English and French. I disliked that we gave them very tasty crisp sambos and all we got in return was cold crepes with no Nutella. I only wish we had more time to talk to them and I hope WE CAN GO TO FRANCE TO VISIT THEM” - Harry Doyle.


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