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Guess Who's on Spotify?

Students involved in 2 Elm's First Podcast. Rhys O'Brien, Adam Sheehan, Sean Kandiwa, Jack Byrne, Ruben Pituc, Jamal Daahir.

2 Elm officially launched their podcast on Spotify today. The 2 Elm History Podcast is a team effort between all students in the class. Students will cover topics they are learning in class and much more. Their first podcast is about George Washington.

Six students were involved in making the first episode. Here's what they had to say to Newsroom.

I enjoyed doing it and I'd do it again. Jack Byrne
It was a blast. I felt a little nervous but I can't wait to make the next one. Adam Sheehan
Tune into the next one and follow our podcast on Spotify. Share it with everyone you know. Rhys O'Brien

The students are already planning their next few episodes and can't wait for you to follow them on Spotify. You can listen to their first podcast here.

Ms Quinn congratulated 2 Elm on the launch of their podcast show.

"Developing a podcast show brings learning and the fun of learning to a new level. As a history teacher, I'm delighted you have chosen this as the subject of your show. History is in your books in class, but it's everywhere around you too. I look forward to hearing your upcoming shows"

Elm is the third group in school to set up a podcast show. Ms Whelan and Ms Killeen also have podcast shows up and running. You can listen to Ms Whelan's first year french podcast here.

You can also follow our schools podcasts directly from our new PODCAST page on Newsroom.


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