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Learning in Lockdown

"A good start is half the battle"

It has been over five weeks since we last had school in our physical building of St Vincent's. We have all had to adjust to new ways of learning. It's been a steep curve.

Who would have thought that so many of us would become so familair with "Zooming", Google Meets and Google Classroom. But all the technology in the world doesn't mean we become better learners. It's only half the battle. Routines are important, and when we develop good routines, we tend to do better at anythiing we do. The same goes for learning. What's your learning routine like? Do you have a set space where you work? Are you organised? Have you got all the books and equipment you need right beside you when you are doing your work?

Five exam year students sent Newsroom some videos of their learning space and routine. Let's take a look at how these guys have developed good routines while learning in lockdown.


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