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New Student Council Hold First Meeting

The newly elected Student Council for 2019/20 held their first meeting today. The Council is made up of 19 students from first to sixth year. Their first meeting was chaired by Ms Brown. Today's meeting included some team-building games, followed by the students working in groups. While in their groups, students worked on a plan of action for the year.

The final piece of business today was to elect a new Chairperson. Three students put themselves forward. Luke Casey (1st Yr), Nicholas Kiss (2nd Yr) and Nathan Grehan (TY), each gave a short speech to the Student Council on why each of them should be Chairperson. A secret ballot was then held, and each Council member had one vote each. Nathan Grehan was elected Chairperson of the Student Council, as he received most votes.

The Newsroom was in full force at the inaugural meeting of the new Student Council. Josh Kinlan has this report.


You can find out more about the important role the Student Council plays in our school by watching the video below.


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