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St Vincent's Students Take Part in Largest Global Climate Protest in History

Nathan, Scott and Sebastian taking part in today's global climate protest.

Earlier today, students from St Vincent's took part in the largest global climate protest in history. They were part of several thousand students who marched in Dublin today. They were joined by over 4 million students around the world, who marched in their cities to protest against the dangers of climate change. The largest protest today, took place in Germany, where 1.4 millions students took part, while over 1 million students took part in a protest in New York

#ClimateStrike, #schoolstrikes4climate and #FridaysForFuture was started by #GretaThunberg, a Swedish teenager who began striking outside the Swedish Parliament because of their inaction on #ClimateCrisis.

Nathan Grehan and Scott Jones from the Newsroom were at the protest today. Take a look here.


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