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Student Council Newsroom Goes Live - Watch Episode 1 Now

"The programme is about the students and creating better links between the Student Council and the students in our school."
Adam and Josh - Student Council Newsroom

Today marks a milestone for our Student Council as they launched their new TV programme, the "Student Council Newsroom". The programme which is hosted by Adam Daly and Josh Basco will keep you up to date on what the Student Council is doing.

"We really hope students watch the programme, because we have set it up for them. We want the students to know that the Student Council is there to serve them and improve their experience in our school"(Adam Daly).

"The Student Council works really hard in our school and this is a chance for us to let the students in our school know what we are doing. But we also want to hear from the students too. Our new programme means students can talk or email us, and hopefully we can then cover those issues on the programme"(Josh Basco).

The Student Council Newsroom will run every two weeks on the Newsroom website from September 2019. They also have their own page on Newsroom where they will post material of interest to students in our school.

Student Council Newsroom - Watch Now

Student Council - What do they do? - Watch Now


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