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Student Video on Irish Flag Receives Prestigious Award

Five students went to the Dáil today, to receive a prestigious award for a video they recently made. The video was about the Irish Flag and what it means to young people in Ireland today. The competition was hosted by the Thomas Francis Meagher Society. Thomas Francis Meagher is the person responsible for our Irish Flag. He first displayed the flag in public during a by-election in Waterford, March 1848.

The video was a joint effort between the History Department and the Newsroom. The video features five students from both Junior and Senior Cycle telling their stories on what the Irish Flag means to them. Newsroom has a brief report on today's events in the Dáil and we also are lauching the video the students made. It's a must watch! Take a look. Don't forget to share the video with your friends online.

Students Attend Thomas Francis Meagher Award Ceremony

Award Winning Video

The Irish Flag and what it means to young people today.

Note - Students involved in video

Lee Doherty, Taylor Byrne, George Adadi, Charlie Stone, Adam Chlebek

Teachers - Mr Doran, Mr Lyons


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