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On Friday 7th February, all students will have a chance to vote for who they think should be in the next Irish Government. The real election will take place on Saturday 8th, but as most of our students are too young to vote, we are giving you a chance to vote in our school General Election 2020.

Our school last ran a Presidential Election in 2018. Students were given a chance to vote for who they thought should be President of Ireland. Just like the last time, student's will vote using the same voting system as all other adults when voting in Irish Elections.

St. Vincent's General Election 2020 is been organised by TY2 as part of their Politics and Society class. The students are currently busy putting together a short video on each of the political parties and what they are proposing to do. Keep an eye out for them on Newsroom soon.

Before you vote, it's important to know the "issues", or the challenges our country faces. When you understand the issues, it is much easier to choose a party that you think will do the best job. Take a look at this short video highlighting some of the main issues in Ireland today.

You can find out all the latest news on our School General Election 2020 by clicking here.


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